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2013-07-18 03:24 pm

In memoriam

Eric,RIPMy husband, Eric, left this life this morning after a short battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 53. He is survived by his mother, his two children (son, 24; daughter 18), and myself. Eric was my companion for 29 years and my husband for 28. He achieved his goals of going to two science fiction conventions to say goodbye earlier this year and seeing my daughter graduate from High School a month ago.
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2013-05-27 07:33 am

Daughter's Prom

Helped my daughter with her prom; though she picked out the materials and patterns, I cut, sewed, knitted, etc., the dress, shrug/bolero, and purse. I then splurged for the hair and professional makeup. A lot of her classmates almost didn't recognize her -- she's a jeans and long/straight or ponytail sort of girl.

Picture behind cut... )
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2012-03-27 08:37 pm

Finished knit project -- MMario -- Queen's Garden (Baby Blanket)

Pattern: MMario - Queen's Garden
Pattern Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MMarioKKnits/

Picture under the cut... )

Needle (main part; started off with size 3 DP, then worked up to size 6 in first few rounds): US 6 - 4.0 mm
Yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft Pompadour, 4 skeins (used approx 1375 yds)

Machine washed, dried; lightly stretched. 43” in diameter as shown; not fully blocked by request of recipient.
Ravelry Project page: http://ravel.me/gelert/qgbb
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2012-02-26 12:46 pm
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The weather here is weird today. Blue sky just to the north, but it's snowing -- I look out the window and see blue sky, sunshine and swirling snowflakes. Haven't been able to get a decent photo, though. We don't usually get a lot of snow, just a couple times a year, but today is the first time I can remember where I see both blue sky and snowflakes here.
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2011-12-31 06:58 pm

Happy New Year 2012!

I hope you all have a prosperous and productive new year in 2012.

Personal blather... mostly the knitting I'm working on... )
Happy New Year!

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2011-12-28 12:19 pm



I hereby announce that I condemn CI YAOI - http://community.livejournal.com/ci_yaoi - for what they are doing. They steal download links and files from scanlation groups, post and reshare the files without permission from the groups. They have no respect whatsoever to the people who buy the books, scan and translate those projects.

I condemn them and I won't have anything to do with them. I don't tolerate such actions. I hereby state that I am not a member of CI YAOI community and I will never steal from any scanlation groups without permission.

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2011-12-24 09:53 am


Since I saw that many are establishing accounts on DreamWidth vice LJ, thought I should do the same. I'm not a very interesting person, I work, take care of the house and family and relax by reading or knitting/crocheting/sewing when I watch TV.
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2011-09-05 09:40 pm

Helga went on a visit to the frog pond

I've been working on the Helga shawl (Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/helga-2) with the recommended US 10.5 needles and 12-50g balls of Filatura Lanarota Pure Washable Merino (100% Superwash Wool) and I ran out of yarn at about row 100 of ~200.  I'd had my doubts about row 50, but since it was decreasing every other row, I had hopes.  Did a look for more of the same yarn, but nothing available online this morning, so I decided to rip it all out and either start over or pick another project. So, Helga took a 'bath' in the frog pond -- I now have 1.3 lb of black light worsted superwash which is now being started again as Helga.  (Since I'm still thinking of a warm shawl which will work for both home or the office, that is not too frilly/lacy.)
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2011-08-14 03:18 pm

Mid-way through class -- still worried...

We'll, I've made it thorugh the first half of the class without any indication thatI"m failing. I've been so worried, as many of the other class members are in  high positions in the nation's capital compared to my position. There's an online system where the grades are supposed to posted, but no entries on my page yet, so I'm not sure if doing well or have failed miserably and they're just stringing me on in a way which would allow them so say they did the teaching paid for, but the employee should never have been accepted for this course.

Yes, I've been sweating this -- I was up one night until 3:30am working on a paper and was very concerned that I didn't have the associated briefing completed yet.  When I did my presentation, it went OK and appeared to be much more professional and following the given parameters more closely than many of the other 25+ presentations. 

This week we have three sets of team presentations, with the grade for the entire team being given to all team members and each presentation/paper must show participation and contributions from the whole team.  One of the three projects is a full quarter of the grade.

I'm going to worry my way throughout the rest of the class and probably get a good grade ( I usually do) but I just can't assume that I'll do well.
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2011-08-03 07:18 am

Must not be active enough...

Apparently got caught up in one of the 'sweeps' of users eliminated from communities, even though I followed the community rules. Since I'm no longer a member, the comments posted which might have told me why could not be read because I'm no longer a member.  

Commented politely, answered comments from community's owners as honestly and fully as possible, but still deemed as a problem.  I'm disappointed and hope that I will be allowed to re-apply at some point in the future.  Since the communities do not allow a PMs to the community owners, I can't even find out why I was banned.  If the community's owner(s) happen to see this and would care to PM me,  I would appreciate knowing what I did wrong or how I offended so I do better in the future.
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2011-06-05 10:29 pm

(no subject)

Considering how the rest of my life's been going (Kidney stones suck), I'm feeling that I got quite a bit done this week.  I actually managed to get everyone's laundry done, four pairs of pants shortened & hemmed, and cast off both the sweater I've been making for my mother and the Wind & Sea hat. Still need to find the buttons for the sweater and sew them on before I ship it off to here and have to find a source for "Brim Reed" for the hat.  

Ray at Knitivity has been working on a new lace shawl pattern (Cascadia, which reminds me of shells in a diamond grid), posting it on the Knitivity FaceBook page and was having a problem with checking the increases and decreases to make sure the counts came out correctly.   He mentioned he was using a spreadsheet with symbols, so I had a thought -- replace the decreases with a negative number representing the # of stitches decreased and the yarnovers with a positive number then using the sum function to check to see if the increases and decreases 'balance.'  So, I mentioned the idea, he liked it, so I sent him a teeny sample.  
He also posted some blog readers specials; I got one skein and then ordered 4 skeins in "Thunderstorm" which he'll custom dye in the next couple of weeks and then I can start Cascadia.  The Thunderstorm colorway reminds me of the horse clam shells I've seen around Puget Sound so I'm going to put the two together.  
Still on the needles -- Alpaca reversible scarf (too warm to work in this right now), MMario's Glooper in white acrylic for a baby blanket, a Sweeny Todd Scarf (extremely simple pattern make it good while waiting in doctor's offices and while attending school-year-end events, since it can be worked in the dark by feel only).
I have several yards to Tencel twill in taupe, but need more time/energy to turn it into a jacket, pants & skirt.  Hopefully after the lithotripsy I'll be feeling well enough to get some work done before it's time to go back to work.
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2011-02-27 11:39 am


After enjoying our usual winter temps and precipitation for winter here and watching the rest of the country get buried in snow, ice and extremely low temps for the past couple of months, this week we've had snow, ice and temps 20 degrees F below normal.  Finally beginning to turn around and return to normal.  Unfortunately, it means the backyard is a morass of mud because the dogs have been digging up it up because it was 'different' when snowy & icy.

Looking forward to going to a warmer clime to a business conference this week. It will be busy, and I don't like to spend all day on a plane, but it's certainly a change of pace. Though I generally enjoy the mildness of temperature here, this late winter/very early spring dreariness is wearing on me.  
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2010-11-23 05:39 pm

Cold & Snowy

Unusual weather for November for Puget Sound -- it's usually mid-40s this time of year. Three and a half inches of snow and temperatures half of the usual highs (and lows). Expecting about 9° F (-13° C) overnight tonight.  Glad the wind of last night has died down. Blizzard conditions here, the freeways and streets jammed; took one of my sisters over 7 hours to get home last night.  Electricity here blinked a couple of times, but stayed on, unlike some across the sound who won't have power until Friday.  School out today and just announced out tomorrow, so everyone in my household is off school/work until Monday now.  

It seems like every time I arrange time off from work for more than a week around the holidays, we get a storm, snow or both.  Two years ago, it was a wind & snow storm in mid-December; we had no power for three days and a 80-foot Douglas Fir came down in the back yard (didn't hit the house, luckily). About 10 years ago with a mid-November vacation, was replacing a furnace and was without heat for several days when an unexpected snowstorm hit. It seems I'm just not meant to take vacation during the holiday season.
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2010-11-16 08:03 pm


Weather here was really blustery last night.  Lights here flickered a lot, but didn't lose power or internet.  Snow is threatened for later this week.  

Finished two dog sweaters; glad I chose acrylic because they (and him) are coming in very muddy with all the rain.  

Legwarmers for my daughter are done, but I haven't seen her wear them to school yet -- sigh; working up a hat/beanie with the leftovers, so she'll have a whole set in matching yarn (legwarmers, fingerless gloves, hat). Finished a Sweeney Todd scarf with yarn that someone at work just didn't know what to do with (they're giving it as a Christmas gift now).  Finished a couple of hats to send to my brother for him and his buddies to use -- 20 balls of superwash Merino to play with; couldn't resist them at Smileys Yarn.

Since the patterns I'm working on are fairly simple, I'm catching up on a lot of anime, since I can knit, watch the action and still keep up on the subtitles.  Looking forward to some time off soon; may get a chance to go see my parents before the end of the year.
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2010-09-17 10:47 pm

Almost Autumn

Just a week until it's officially Autumn and it looks like the weather has really switched over from Summer to Autumn; grey, drizzly, fog in the mornings.  The temperatures are still fairly high though and it's very humid -- more like what you'd see on the East Coast or in the South of the U.S.  

With the weather turning, my son's puppy (big puppy) needs a sweater; he just doesn't have enough of a natural fur coat to handle colder weather.  The corgis do just fine, but he says he's freezing.  Found the free Bernat dog coat pattern, added a buttonhole where the dog harness' lead snaps onto and am well over half-way done.  

Finished the first leg of the legwarmers for my daughter and am finding that legwarmers also suffer a bit from the "Second Sock Syndrome."  Haven't touched "Rivulet" in a couple of weeks, but as soon as I get down to only two ongoing projects, I'm sure I'll pick it up again. Still haven't found then half-finished jacket -- sigh.  

This time of year, I'm working at least 10 hours every week day and at least one full day on the weekends, so I really don't have the energy to do much more than minimal households chores and some reading to "run away" for a little while.  TV & DVDs just aren't the same.  Looking forward to mid-October when the workload should ease up a bit.
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2010-08-27 10:49 pm

End of Summer...

Finished the alpaca stole, though I still need to block it.  Found an interesting garter-stitch scarf pattern, which works a bit like the point to point dishcloths.  Took parts of that pattern and combined it with my favorite "scrubber" stitch pattern (double moss stitch) to make a couple of  point to point dishcloths.  Working through a bag of odd yarn from someone who was clearing out from a relative, finished a long, narrow lace scarf out of  sock yarn (a singleton, not enough to make a pair of socks from), made a black all-wool neck gaiter to send on to my brother who is currently stationed somewhere in Afghanistan

Found the large skeins of Bernat cotton yarn for less than the Sugar & Cream cones for comparable yardage, so picked up several, so I now have lots of "stock for making dishcloths while watching TV.  Nice thing about dishcloths -- I can make one or two during a movie and since I generally use a 2-4 row pattern stitch, I usually don't have to look down at my hands; I can watch a subtitled video without missing anything.

Had about 60 grams of the alpaca left, so started the "Rivulet" scarf; until I get the 20 row repeats memorized, it's not a project to work on subtitled video, but works for other videos & TV.  My 15-year-old daughter wants leg warmers (yes, apparently they're popular again), so I've started the first one.  She tried to work on it a bit, but she's still too scared of DPNs.

My daughter, between going to my husband's family reunion, then to my mother's house and this weekend at a Band Retreat, hasn't spent an entire week at home all month.  

After losing either the CPU or something major on my PC motherboard (lights, no boot, no POST beep codes), ended up getting parts, rebuilding essentially a new machine and putting on Win7.  Figuring out how the differences between XP and Win7, what works and what doesn't.  Getting TurboIRC to work consistently has been 'interesting.'  Luckily for me, since I purchased a new HDD, I didn't actually 'lose' any data, but locating some of my old data and getting it to work with current programs has been an adventure.

Gearing up for daughter going back to school on the 8th and the busiest month all year at work.  Still have to find time to make some 'cool ties,' knit up some black wool hats and send to my brother, and find out where I put the half-finished lightweight jacket so I can finish sewing it up before the weather turns.  
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2010-05-18 01:10 pm

Resting up...

Finally, for the first time in months, actually taking some time off work.  I've been so busy taking care of family, the work family, etc., etc., that even though I _know_  I should be doing things here at home, I just feel too 'blah' to do so.  Broke a tooth the other day, but dentist can't work me in for the first half of the fix until Thursday, so that may be contributing to the overall 'don't wanna DO anything" mood.  However, I need to do some shopping for myself and house/yard cleaning, so I hope this doesn't last all the time I'm off.

On a couple of happier notes, daughter's play went well, and the Western Briar Rose has started to bloom next to the deep red Rhodie, making a nice contrast.  It also has a nice, spicy smell. The Sweet Chariot miniature rose is also about to 'pop.'  Depending on how warm it is outside, the bloom colors range from a deep raspberry color to the palest pink and have a very sweet smell.  If I can remember to deadhead them, they'll keep blooming until September.  I've inter-planted those with some fairly short lavender, the green against the silvery gray-green, the pinks against the purple and the sweet rose against the rich lavender scents.  The wisteria should also be blooming soon, too.

Working on: Alpaca wrap/stole in a simple butterfly lace in charcoal; still have another 12 inches or so to go on that, a baby blanket in yellow & white with two rows of mint in between four repeats of each of the main colors, a small shrug and thinking about starting a shawl, maybe the Whispering Wings talked about on mmario, either with yarn I already have or something from Knitivity.
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2010-04-24 09:15 am

I'm going book shopping next weekend...

Half Price Books in Seattle is having a warehouse sale 1-2 May.  I have seen several of these announcements, but haven't managed to get to one yet.  I figure there will be a lot of drek but may find some good stuff and fill some holes in my "to read" list.

If you live in the area and are interested, details are available at http://www.halfpricebooks.com/WAS760-050110s.html.
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2009-07-03 07:21 pm

Long Weekend

Finally got a chance to take a day off work; combined with the holiday weekend here, 4 days off! Unfortunately, with two almost back-to-back business trips and the busiest time of the year in my work coming up, this will probably be the last time off until at least October. *sigh*

We usually get rain around here for the 4th of July, but this year, it's going to be sunny & hot! 
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2009-05-23 04:45 pm

Wisteria is blooming again in time for Memorial Day

Finally beginning to start to look like it's getting close to Summer.  Supposed to be the nicest Memorial Day in this area in many years -- no rain expected, which will make the barbequers happy.