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We'll, I've made it thorugh the first half of the class without any indication thatI"m failing. I've been so worried, as many of the other class members are in  high positions in the nation's capital compared to my position. There's an online system where the grades are supposed to posted, but no entries on my page yet, so I'm not sure if doing well or have failed miserably and they're just stringing me on in a way which would allow them so say they did the teaching paid for, but the employee should never have been accepted for this course.

Yes, I've been sweating this -- I was up one night until 3:30am working on a paper and was very concerned that I didn't have the associated briefing completed yet.  When I did my presentation, it went OK and appeared to be much more professional and following the given parameters more closely than many of the other 25+ presentations. 

This week we have three sets of team presentations, with the grade for the entire team being given to all team members and each presentation/paper must show participation and contributions from the whole team.  One of the three projects is a full quarter of the grade.

I'm going to worry my way throughout the rest of the class and probably get a good grade ( I usually do) but I just can't assume that I'll do well.
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