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Considering how the rest of my life's been going (Kidney stones suck), I'm feeling that I got quite a bit done this week.  I actually managed to get everyone's laundry done, four pairs of pants shortened & hemmed, and cast off both the sweater I've been making for my mother and the Wind & Sea hat. Still need to find the buttons for the sweater and sew them on before I ship it off to here and have to find a source for "Brim Reed" for the hat.  

Ray at Knitivity has been working on a new lace shawl pattern (Cascadia, which reminds me of shells in a diamond grid), posting it on the Knitivity FaceBook page and was having a problem with checking the increases and decreases to make sure the counts came out correctly.   He mentioned he was using a spreadsheet with symbols, so I had a thought -- replace the decreases with a negative number representing the # of stitches decreased and the yarnovers with a positive number then using the sum function to check to see if the increases and decreases 'balance.'  So, I mentioned the idea, he liked it, so I sent him a teeny sample.  
He also posted some blog readers specials; I got one skein and then ordered 4 skeins in "Thunderstorm" which he'll custom dye in the next couple of weeks and then I can start Cascadia.  The Thunderstorm colorway reminds me of the horse clam shells I've seen around Puget Sound so I'm going to put the two together.  
Still on the needles -- Alpaca reversible scarf (too warm to work in this right now), MMario's Glooper in white acrylic for a baby blanket, a Sweeny Todd Scarf (extremely simple pattern make it good while waiting in doctor's offices and while attending school-year-end events, since it can be worked in the dark by feel only).
I have several yards to Tencel twill in taupe, but need more time/energy to turn it into a jacket, pants & skirt.  Hopefully after the lithotripsy I'll be feeling well enough to get some work done before it's time to go back to work.
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