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Finally, for the first time in months, actually taking some time off work.  I've been so busy taking care of family, the work family, etc., etc., that even though I _know_  I should be doing things here at home, I just feel too 'blah' to do so.  Broke a tooth the other day, but dentist can't work me in for the first half of the fix until Thursday, so that may be contributing to the overall 'don't wanna DO anything" mood.  However, I need to do some shopping for myself and house/yard cleaning, so I hope this doesn't last all the time I'm off.

On a couple of happier notes, daughter's play went well, and the Western Briar Rose has started to bloom next to the deep red Rhodie, making a nice contrast.  It also has a nice, spicy smell. The Sweet Chariot miniature rose is also about to 'pop.'  Depending on how warm it is outside, the bloom colors range from a deep raspberry color to the palest pink and have a very sweet smell.  If I can remember to deadhead them, they'll keep blooming until September.  I've inter-planted those with some fairly short lavender, the green against the silvery gray-green, the pinks against the purple and the sweet rose against the rich lavender scents.  The wisteria should also be blooming soon, too.

Working on: Alpaca wrap/stole in a simple butterfly lace in charcoal; still have another 12 inches or so to go on that, a baby blanket in yellow & white with two rows of mint in between four repeats of each of the main colors, a small shrug and thinking about starting a shawl, maybe the Whispering Wings talked about on mmario, either with yarn I already have or something from Knitivity.


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