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Happy Solstice!  It's the shortest day of the year today.

It almost cleared out by last Wednesday (12/17/08), but then Wednesday was awoken by "thundersnow" at 0530 -- rumble, crash, then the sky was white.  Woke me out of a sound sleep.  Kept snowing all day; by the time I got home there was well over seven inches of snow.  On Friday, I teleworked, which seemed to be the good thing to do -- I'm glad I did.  I know at least one co-worker who fell in the parking lot.  It was a beautiful sunny day which melted about half the snow.  It then started snowing again overnight and most of the day Saturday; the wind picked up in the late afternoon -- we didn't lose power here, but some did, especially to the south.  Between some freezing rain, then more snow, we have two layers of ice inside over 8 inches of snow.  Down in Portland, the Oregon DOT is requiring chains on cars for driving local streets.

I only went out for a couple of hours to shovel the walkways and clear a path to the driveway.  Also had to halve the snow in the driveway so the car wouldn't get high centered when we need to leave next. 

Have chains, but probably won't need them as we have studded snow tires all around and both of us grew up in snow country -- just have to be alert for the other drivers and walkers.  The scariest thing is all the guys with big 4-wheel-drive trucks who don't put weight in the back and think that just because they have 4-wheel drive automatically means 4-wheel traction; it doesn't.  I've seen several trucks who passed me on the freeway, then lose it and start ping-ponging across all the lanes -- there was a reason I was going 25 miles below the speed limit -- 60 is way too fast for an ice-covered road, even with studded snow tires.

If you're affected by the snow and cold weather; I hope you and yours stay warm and dry. 

Happy Holidays!


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