23 Nov 2010

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Unusual weather for November for Puget Sound -- it's usually mid-40s this time of year. Three and a half inches of snow and temperatures half of the usual highs (and lows). Expecting about 9° F (-13° C) overnight tonight.  Glad the wind of last night has died down. Blizzard conditions here, the freeways and streets jammed; took one of my sisters over 7 hours to get home last night.  Electricity here blinked a couple of times, but stayed on, unlike some across the sound who won't have power until Friday.  School out today and just announced out tomorrow, so everyone in my household is off school/work until Monday now.  

It seems like every time I arrange time off from work for more than a week around the holidays, we get a storm, snow or both.  Two years ago, it was a wind & snow storm in mid-December; we had no power for three days and a 80-foot Douglas Fir came down in the back yard (didn't hit the house, luckily). About 10 years ago with a mid-November vacation, was replacing a furnace and was without heat for several days when an unexpected snowstorm hit. It seems I'm just not meant to take vacation during the holiday season.


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