27 Aug 2010

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Finished the alpaca stole, though I still need to block it.  Found an interesting garter-stitch scarf pattern, which works a bit like the point to point dishcloths.  Took parts of that pattern and combined it with my favorite "scrubber" stitch pattern (double moss stitch) to make a couple of  point to point dishcloths.  Working through a bag of odd yarn from someone who was clearing out from a relative, finished a long, narrow lace scarf out of  sock yarn (a singleton, not enough to make a pair of socks from), made a black all-wool neck gaiter to send on to my brother who is currently stationed somewhere in Afghanistan

Found the large skeins of Bernat cotton yarn for less than the Sugar & Cream cones for comparable yardage, so picked up several, so I now have lots of "stock for making dishcloths while watching TV.  Nice thing about dishcloths -- I can make one or two during a movie and since I generally use a 2-4 row pattern stitch, I usually don't have to look down at my hands; I can watch a subtitled video without missing anything.

Had about 60 grams of the alpaca left, so started the "Rivulet" scarf; until I get the 20 row repeats memorized, it's not a project to work on subtitled video, but works for other videos & TV.  My 15-year-old daughter wants leg warmers (yes, apparently they're popular again), so I've started the first one.  She tried to work on it a bit, but she's still too scared of DPNs.

My daughter, between going to my husband's family reunion, then to my mother's house and this weekend at a Band Retreat, hasn't spent an entire week at home all month.  

After losing either the CPU or something major on my PC motherboard (lights, no boot, no POST beep codes), ended up getting parts, rebuilding essentially a new machine and putting on Win7.  Figuring out how the differences between XP and Win7, what works and what doesn't.  Getting TurboIRC to work consistently has been 'interesting.'  Luckily for me, since I purchased a new HDD, I didn't actually 'lose' any data, but locating some of my old data and getting it to work with current programs has been an adventure.

Gearing up for daughter going back to school on the 8th and the busiest month all year at work.  Still have to find time to make some 'cool ties,' knit up some black wool hats and send to my brother, and find out where I put the half-finished lightweight jacket so I can finish sewing it up before the weather turns.  


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