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I hope you all have a prosperous and productive new year in 2012.

Been a busy month, with trying to get all the knitting projects for Christmas presents done, end of the quarter at work as well as end of year stuff, and visiting both sets of parents for the holidays.  Just got back from trip to my parents; they're slowing down, but still doing well.  Haven't really had much time to read, even though I got a bunch of books and a couple of manga for Christmas.

Working on a square feather and fan lace shawl, worked in the round, for a baby blanket for a co-worker's first grandchild, due in June.  She gifted me with a whole bunch of 100% alpaca and 100% mohair yarns as well as other yarns she collected over the years, since she thought she would never use them up.  I made her some alpaca fingerless mitts and then some slippers out of some really thick yarn, but the baby blanket will really tickle her.  

Also working on the Auguste pullover sweater (from Knitty.com) in Stroll Fingering (KnitPicks yarn) for my teen-aged daughter, but unless I do a lot more TV watching, I don't think I'll get it done for her birthday in a month.  Even though it's ribbing and a braided cable, I tend to get bored when working on sweaters.

Happy New Year!

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